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90 Years of Tradition




1927 - Born into an Italian Family from Udine in the northern region of Italy, Antonio Saciloto, a Carpenter with fine skills, never could imagine that his love for the trade would continue long after he was gone. Antonio built the business on the passion and drive he had to provide for his family while doing what he enjoyed most. The Family later moved to Brazil where Mr. Saciloto continued to improve his knowledge of woodworking and fine furniture manufacturing and enjoyed passing the information on to his son Jose Saciloto. 


                    (Udine- Italy)


1974 - Jose Saciloto started to work on furniture manufacturing in Sao Paulo developing and designing hundreds of lines of furniture and managing over 150 employees. For more than 46 years he still works in the family business with the same intensity as his father.



1989  - Jose's son Glaucio Saciloto at the age of 15 years old, joined him in the manufacturing business and learned all the secrets of the trade from his father.  



1996 - Glaucio moved to the USA and started a contracting company with Carlos Sampaio and continues to keep the family tradition of bringing AZZURRI to life. Now for almost 100 YEARS they have produced quality furniture, cabinetry and millwork which is now available for the American customer to enjoy in a state of the art facility in Deerfield Beach FL.


3 Generations of Craftsman and Family Tradition

Atonio Saciloto

1st Generation

Glaucio Saciloto


3rd Generation


Jose Saciloto


Carlos Sampaio


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